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Halloween Choco Concert 👻🦹 15.00
31 Oct 2021, 15:00
Costume Concert. Children Play for Children. Classics and Cartoons. Age of Participants - 0+.

About Us

- High-quality learning to play musical instruments using the best copyright techniques
- From the first year of study, performing at concerts, participating in Swiss and international competitions.
- Educators - recognized as Switzerland's leading concert musicians with higher education both as performers and as educators
- An extensive concert program of school students in Switzerland and in other countries
- Development and participation in author's musical projects: Chocolate Concert, My Switzerland, 100-year old Steinway Concerts, Wisdom and Youth

- Preparation for admission to gymnasium and higher musical educational institutions
- Organization of concerts and musical accompaniment of any complexity
- Teaching music to adults of any level: setting hands, initial practice,

- Preparation of an individual concert program

- Teaching a course in music theory and history of music

Concert Hall
Piano B&W

Creativity takes courage.

Henri Matisse

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Artistic director

Slava Spiridonov

Slava Spiridonov is the Artistic Director of SSoM. Slava is a concert pianist, performing at many venues in Switzerland and other countries of the world. Slava has been teaching for over 10 years. His students are laureates of many international competitions, participate with their teacher in concert projects

We had a number of piano teachers before. You are the only one who builds a great connection with the children, and helps them connect with the music. They improved tremendously with you!

Lily Fang

Several times I participated with the SSoM students in preparation for concerts. Excellent school, great hands and concentration.

Galina Chistaykova

"I will make a real musician out of Dan," our teacher once said after a concert. With such a great start, Dan has every chance.

Dora Blank

Our experience of the teachers at the Swiss School of Music has been nothing but positive.   The location, the facilities and the commitment of the staff to the highest quality musical education is a real gift to its pupils.  The best of all is the unwavering positivity and gentle guidance that comes with learning environment.  An enriching experience for the whole family!

 Colette Carbonell

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