Swiss School of Music from the very first day began active work to attract sponsors. It's no secret that classical music, ballet, art at all times needed support. The great patrons of the world have always paid great attention to the classics.


We are musicians, we know how to create beautiful music, to give a sublime mood. We will be grateful for every particle of your attention and will try not to disappoint you.  

Read about our projects, discuss with family and friends. Think about how you can help us?


Sponsorship Programs

We are always glad to your attention

Scholarships and Grants

Support our students

It's no secret that it is very difficult for a person to move forward without an incentive. The Swiss School of Music does everything to ensure that our students have the opportunity to participate in competitions and concerts as often as possible.


In addition, the recognition and support of the public plays a huge role for young musicians. Getting a scholarship to study or a grant for a specific project is a serious incentive for a young musician.

We invite you to participate in the professional life of our young artists.

Sponsorship projects

Support our projects

As part of school life, we plan a large number of projects that are necessary for the creative and musical development of our students. What is a musician without concerts? Each preparation and public performance for a young musician is not only a meeting with his audience and fans, it is a huge step forward in his education and musical potential.


Get to know our projects, perhaps you will also want to participate in some of them.

- Program of permanent concerts in nursing homes "Wisdom and Youth"

- Performance by musicians with an orchestra

- Preparation of solo programs and performances

- Preparation and participation in Swiss and international competitions

- Program "Young musicians of Switzerland in Belarus"

- "Home for a Piano" - making a room to protect our antique Steinway grand piano

- Weekly concerts on our unique Steinway grand piano

One-time sponsorship fees

Support us now

You can make a sponsorship contribution to our projects right now. We will definitely tell you how we spent your money.