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31 Oct 2021, 15:00

About Us

From the very beginning, we gave the students the opportunity to fulfill their dream. Bright, enthusiastic teachers, talented students, an extensive concert program - with us you will receive the highest quality music education and will be able to expand your circle of friends and interests.

Our Music School practices a unique individual approach to learning based on the techniques of the Russian music pedagogical school, which contributes to the creation of favorable conditions for the development of creativity and career success in the future.


We are actively moving forward, new directions and classes are added every day. Follow our news.

Concert Hall

Swiss School of Music is:

- High-quality teaching to play musical instruments using the most successful copyright techniques
- From the first year of study, if desired, the students of our teachers perform at concerts, participate in Swiss and international competitions.
- The educators are recognized as Switzerland's leading concert musicians with higher education both as performers and as educators
- An extensive concert program of school students in Switzerland and in other countries

- Preparation for participation in a range of exciting and innovative musical projects such as  My Switzerland, Steinway Concerts, Wisdom and Youth
- Preparation for admission to the gymnasium and higher music educational institutions
- Organization of prefabricated and solo concerts and musical accompaniment at various venues.
- Teaching music to adults of any level: setting hands, initial practice, preparation of an individual concert program

- Comprehensive music education through the teaching of music theory and solfeggio

Piano B&W

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